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Our Fincas

Some of our happiest moments have taken place in our fincas in Puerto Rico. It’s usually a space in the mountains that its enjoyed from generation to generation.  Beyond the physical space and their natural beauty,  fincas symbolize getting together with abuelos, padres, tíos, primos, amigos, vecinos, etc, enjoying amazing food, lots of laughs… and depending on how artistic your family is - there’s also lots of singing, dancing, playing instruments and so much more.

Fincas are green, bright, peaceful and as soon as you walk in your mood quickly transforms. You automatically have a smile on your face and all the worries (usually) disappear. Some fincas have flamboyanes; Royal Poinciana trees with bright red-orange flowers, and many other beautiful trees. Some fincas are used for harvesting, some have farm animals, others are perfect for bird watching – at any point, you can see a Puerto Rican parrot, Cardenalito, San Pedrito, Pitirre, among others.


When you visit us, you’ll see some of these special finca nuances brought to life throughout our restaurant. In our fincas everyone is welcomed. Guests are treated like royalty and once you visit a finca you feel a special bond to the family, to the space, that lasts for years.

There’s always something cooking in the kitchen and our abuelos are adored as our most precious gift.  They tell us stories, teach us how to cook, give us “la bendición” and when they leave the physical world you can still feel them in the breeze.

Here are some of our happy moments in our fincas. We would also love to see photos of YOUR happy moments at your finca or at your family’s happy place. Please share with us any of YOUR happy finca moments  using the hashtags #OurVillage and tagging @FincaatLakeNona